Horror House-Nightmare games-Horror House-Nightmare games

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Horror House-Nightmare games-Horror House-Nightmare games introduction

Storyline of this horror games is nightmare house in which you need to survive in the horror strategy games. You are trapped in endless nightmare house by demons in house of nightmare game. Something scary is going too happened in that scary strange house, and mysterious meat labs. You must need to find the way to escape from the creepy room.

Haunted House of Escape Games
Survive a horror dark house and scary room by using horror strategy to escape from horror escape games. You only have few nights in horror dark house to survive in house of nightmare. Specimen kidnap your family in his scary house of horror games. Here your task is to escape from the horror specimen house. Find a way of escaping from his house of nightmare.

Endless Nightmare-Survival Games
Explore the horror house and complete all the missions to survive in house of nightmare-haunted house. Try to do every activity silently in this dark horror house, Try not to make a noise because that creepy specimen only can listen you! Whenever demon specimen listen any voice he become scary specimen and if someone get in his way demon will kill him!

Key Feature of Scary Specimen Game 3d
•Easy and smooth Controls of horror games 2021.
•Realistic graphics of horror survival games.
•Creepy mission of escape & object finding in evil specimen games.
•Understandable escape games mission with hints and clues.
•Realistic horror sound effects scary specimen games.

Explore and find the hidden objects to survive in haunted house. If you see anything around you, hide under the bed or behind the table.

•Gameplay Updated.•Minor Bugs are fixed.•Add Demon

Category: ArcadePublisher: Black DragonsRequirements: Andriod 5.0+Publish Date: 06/06/2022